The CEO’s Resource

Building organizational value is what we do.

Delivering strong, sustainable gains in revenue, market growth and profitability is how we make a difference to your bottom line.

Corporate Connection Consultants [CCC] was established by former CEOs and business owners for CEOs and business owners. As we seek to create the preeminent, personal consulting practice for small- and mid-sized businesses, we believe when we do good work for our clients, we also do well for the company’s employees and the community they serve.

Learning how to tap into new revenue streams, employee potential, avoid costly mistakes, demonstrate innovation, craft corporate culture as well as guide major turnarounds and acquisitions is what we’re all about.

Our uncompromising ethics and integrity, which are brought to every assignment, serves our clients well in moving their company forward in stature, prestige and performance.

Our keen growth, financial, marketing, e-business, cost controls, competitive analysis, support of business infrastructures and strategic planning skills are reflected in every client we serve.

Let us show you how we can make a difference in growing your top and bottom line and effectively support the operation of your company.